Trivium – Silence in the Snow

How many times have you said to your friends “you really just need to see it in person to truly appreciate it”?  I’ve made that argument about museums, cars, and a neighbor’s hot wife.

It is an argument that I have heard for Trivium, but I don’t think that it is necessary.  First of all, seeing Trivium play live is a very worthwhile experience.  Their stage presence is second to none.  Matt Heafy’s command of the crowd is superb, but that presence is not lost in the recordings.

You can hear and feel the energy that Trivium brings on Silence in the Snow.  The music is very heavy, but it is very clean.  There is a technicality to Trivium’s brand of rock n roll that appeals to the guitar magazine reading music geek while also being inviting to the casual metal fan.  You do not have to understand the complexity of their abilities to admire their musicianship.

The songs on Silence in the Snow are long.  You will find yourself nodding your head and pumping your fists constantly.

There is a Rush-ness to this album that is hard to put my finger on.  It is almost as if Rush continued to evolve into heavier and heavier music while holding on to their perfect technical timing.  The overly theatrical intro that blends seamlessly into the music pushes the Rush-ness over the top.

My favorite track: Breathe in the Flames

Machine gun double bass, a killer guitar solo, and sing a long lyrics.

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