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Blood for Vinyl is an Atlanta-based music blog with a simple premise––Jeremy Powell sells his plasma to buy records. He then reviews those records on Blood for Vinyl. Intimate interviewer Jared Andrews caught up with Jeremy via a futro-digivideo-chat to learn more.



So you think you love vinyl? You think you have a problem because you have to tell your friends to stop you from going into record stores and blowing half of your rent money? I hate to tell you, but that’s pure amateur hour. You want to see a real vinyl addict? One obsessive collector is selling his own blood to pay for records.

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I understand vinyl addiction. I nurse one myself. But the commitment shown by the folx behind Blood For Vinyl is intense. Apparently, there’s enough plasma in the human body to sustain a healthy record collection, but we’re not suggesting you starting trading one for the other. We’ll leave that to Blood For Vinyl.