Brother O’Brother – Show Pony

Do you ever think about how much great music you have missed out on because the musicians never became famous enough to make it on to your radar?  Thank God for the internet and social media because it is now, more than ever, so easy to learn about artists you would have missed.  Brother O’Brother is one of those artists for me.

I have written about Brother O’Brother before and I still cannot remember how I came across their name, but I am so glad that I did.  The energy from this band that is captured on wax is infectious.  I hope that they venture out of the Midwest more often so that I can have a chance to see them live.

They are bluesy and gritty garage rock.  But, they are not clones of The White Stripes or The Black Keys or Royal Blood; Brother O’Brother is not playing dress up and doing their best to imitate other, more famous, two-piece rock bands.  Brother O’Brother is an amalgamation of those bands with their own special flare.

You can definitely hear nods to their influences on Show Pony, but they also stand out on their own.

This record is fantastic.  At some points, the vocals are eerily similar Jimi Hendrix. So, if you have ever wondered what Jimi Hendrix would sound like if he sat in with Jack and Meg White, well here is your chance.

The guitar is low-end and raw; the drums are biting and loud; the distortion is just enough to put a fuzz in your brain.  Show Pony is one of those albums that you will want to invite your friends over to hear.  It is an LP that they won’t have, which they will be jealous of, and isn’t that what this whole vinyl collecting thing is all about?

My favorite track: White Dove

My favorite is not on YouTube, so here is a couple of other tracks from Show Pony.

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