Jason James

Jason James is the Stars & Stripes cola of country music

Angaleena Presley – Wrangled

Wrangled is pure two-stepping, Nudie suit wearing country music…with short flashes of punk rock attitude and feminist badassery.

Reema – The LowSwing Sessions

Did you know that you can send me an email? BloodForVinyl@gmail.com I got an email a few weeks ago that basically said Can I send you an album for you to review? My response: Well, yeah. I assume that they know that I am not always nice, but I am always honest. The LowSwing Sessions…

R.E.M. – Lifes Rich Pageant

Lifes Rich Pageant is an incredibly 80s sounding record and an incredibly timeless sounding record simultaneously.

The Rolling Stones – Emotional Rescue

This is a solid blues-based rock n roll album that has flares of funky disco, big band rock with horns and pianos, punk rock lite, and stripped down coffee house music.