Giovannie and the Hired Guns – Tejano Punk Boyz

Do you ever preorder an album and then completely forget that you did…..or is that just me?

I pre-ordered this record in October 2022 knowing full well that it would be a while before it would be sent to me. Well, life has been busy and I totally forgot about it. And that is perfectly ok with me.

In fact, it’s kind of awesome because it’s like a surprise present to myself.

I have written about this band previously and what I said still rings true. This is Texas country rock with punk vocals. It’s not country music. It is not Southern rock. It is straightforward, good-timing rock n roll with a Texas twang and wonderfully raspy and harsh punk vocals.

Tejano Punk Boyz is mostly upbeat, it features some heavy guitar riffs that are very jam-to-able (now I’m just making up words…)

Musically this record feels good. It is fun rock n roll. You can bob your head, you can dance in your socks on the hardwood floors, you can have a great time with this album, so long as you don’t listen too close to the lyrics.

The songs on this record aren’t bad. Not by any stretch. No, Tejano Punk Boyz is full of extremely well-written songs. That happen to be depressing as all get out. This lyrics on this record are heartbreaking.

Sad. As. Fuck.

And if you have read more than a few of my posts you know that I’m a sucker for sad songs.

Holy shit, Giovannie needs a damn hug. His ability to combine upbeat and fun rock n roll with sad, emo lyrics is just incredible.

It’s been a long time since I seen you

But I bet you’re still full of life

And beautiful

And I know things change

And I know people move on

I’m sorry for calling you tonight


I’m just so fucking lonely

I just want someone to hold me

I wish I didn’t need all of these drugs


And then when the dude writes a slow song. Holy shit. It’s delightfully tear jerking.

I’ll always wonder what would have happened

If we would have made it out

If I’d have come home and tired one down

And came home to you

I know I’ll probably see you again someday

With a kid around your waist

And I’ll just smile

It is so happy and sad at the same time. I love it. This album is a unique sounding record that lives in a space all it’s own while touching the edges of many genres.

I love sad songs so much. This is a fantastic record.

My favorite track: You and Me


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