The Heavy – Hurt & The Merciless

Have you ever been to a school dance or company Christmas party that had a live party band?  My senior prom featured a live party band from Atlanta of what my memory says was 30+ middle-aged black musicians absolutely getting down in the funkiest way I had ever witnessed in my young life.  I danced my heart out while trying to cop a feel through the multiple layers of crinoline lining my girlfriend’s dress.  I was a failure on both fronts, but I had fun trying.

The Heavy is that band to the nth degree. And please don’t get me wrong; I mean that as the highest compliment.  First and foremost, The Heavy is a fun band.  They are funky as all get out and they will rock your freaking socks off.

The amount of funk that The Heavy brings on Hurt & The Merciless is remarkable.  The piano, horns, and wah-wah pedal mixed with low-end guitars and tabernacle choir style back-up vocals give it a rocking funk sound.  This is a hand-clapping, get up and dance type of album.  Seriously, it is hard to sit still while listening to this record.

Hurt & The Merciless slows down in a couple of spots, but those songs still move you.  This is a crowd-pleasing album that will have your friends asking you “Who is this band? Where did you hear about them?”

My favorite track: The Apology

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