Brother O’Brother – Neon Native

How many bands have you discovered, fell in love with, and then forgotten about at some point down the road? Do you ever say “Oh, I use to love them!”?

I am sure there are plenty of bands out there that fit that category for you because I know there are quite a few in that category for me.  It is one of the reasons that I love my vinyl collection; I am constantly reminded of bands I like and, because I see the records there on my shelf, I actively have them on my mind.

Brother O’Brother seems to only be popular in a particular region of the United States and they are not in any kind of national spotlight, so they could easily get pushed to the back of my brain. However, the fact that I own some of their records and I see those albums in my collection, I am regularly reminded to be on the lookout for more music from this band.

It can be difficult to describe this band to people who are unfamiliar because doing so will make you sound like some kind of ungrateful and naïve music fan. Why? Because Brother O’Brother sounds like Jimi Hendrix and The White Stripes had a baby. Seriously.  Like, for real.  Imagine Hendrix singing and Jack White on guitar.  Neon Native is no exception. This record is clean but gritty blues-infused garage rock.

The music is polished two-piece rock n roll. It is raw, but it is incredibly well put together. This is not a record that makes you wish the band spent a few more dollars on production quality. Instead, you can tell that Brother O’Brother put a lot of time and effort in making Neon Native sound perfectly raw and gritty, but pure at the same time.

The vocals on this record are beautifully distorted.  There is an unadulterated power in his voice that cuts through and perfectly compliments the heavy guitars on this album.  This is my favorite type of rock n roll.

Neon Native totally jams and is made to be played loud.  Very, very loud.


My favorite track: Grab the Rope


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