Best Of Batman Arkham Knight 

There is an intensity to the music that will cause your pulse to race and your senses to heighten.

Avatar -Black Waltz

It is the type of album that you listen to with your friends while wearing black t-shirts and playing pool in a smoke-filled basement with that one overweight girl there in the corner because she just wants to be included.

Tennessee Jet – Reata

Reata is haunting.  The music hangs heavy in the air and it allows you to breathe it in.  

Brother O’Brother – Show Pony

Brother O’Brother is not playing dress up and doing their best to imitate other, more famous, two-piece rock bands.  Brother O’Brother is an amalgamation of those bands with their own special flare.  

Mudcrutch – Mudcrutch 2

This is a solid record that satisfies an itch for new music that sounds like old music.  Also, I imagine that this album sounds better with a little marijuana.

Johnny Horton’s Greatest Hits

Make your kids listen to this album and have them look up the stories behind the songs.  Hell, you and I should do the same.

Brent Cobb – Shine On Rainy Day

Brent Cobb is a country folk singer.  But more than that, he sounds like John Denver’s ghost made a baby with James Taylor and they named that baby Brent Cobb.  

Tiger Army – V

Most of this album sounds like it is straight out of the 50s.

Pistol Annies – Annie Up

It sounds like a group of friends having a good time pickin’ and grinnin’ on the porch, but their supreme professional talents keep this record from sounding subpar.  

Elton John – 11-17-70

I am sure that the people in the studio were not aware of the fact that they were witnessing a legend create musical magic.

Whiskey Myers – Mud

The fact that Whiskey Myers exists in 2016 and not in 1977 is pretty strong evidence that time travel is possible.

Foo Fighters

This album sounds modern, but it is not trapped in a specific time frame.

Butch Walker – Stay Gold

For most of Stay Gold Butch has a Springsteen-ness about him that is hard to explain, but it definitely exists.

The Best of The Animals

The songs that fill this record were hits for a reason; you can tap your toes, nod your head, and sing along.

Michael Bolton

Listening to this album makes me wonder how many artists and albums were lost in the shuffle during the 80s.

The Doors – L.A. Woman

There is not a lot of overproduction on this album.  It sounds unrefined and gritty, but also clean at the same time.

Hellyeah – Unden!able

Unden!able is hard, fast, pounding metal.  It is the type of album that I’d want spinning in the weight room when I played football in high school. 

Sunflower Dead

If you like Korn, Disturbed, and early Staind you will like this album.

Rival Sons – Hollow Bones

It sounds the way it should.  It is heavy where it needs to be and filled with catchy tunes that will make you nod your head in time

OFF! – Wasted Years

Have you ever been in the mood to smack a tourist in the face with your skateboard as your ride down the boardwalk in Long Beach?  Well, just in case that urge comes over you, this is your soundtrack for such an occasion.

Hank III – Rebel Within

Vocally, Hank III sounds like his grandfather, Hank Williams, Sr., and his voice fits perfectly with songs about moonshine, drug abuse, and drinking problems.

Ghost – Infestissumam

It is a fun listen because Ghost really sucks you into their thematic theatrical arena and makes you feel as though the Crowned Princes of Hell are preparing to come out of your speakers……..or something like that.

Diet Cig – Sleeptalk/Dinner Date

Sleeptalk/Dinner Date is college indie rock; it is your sister’s new favorite band; it should be featured in the next season of Girls.

Trivium – Silence in the Snow

There is a technicality to Trivium’s brand of rock n roll that appeals to the guitar magazine reading music geek while also being inviting to the casual metal fan.

The Animals – Animal Tracks

Put this album on and sit and listen to a white Englishman sing the black man’s blues with grace, style, and class.  


Brittany Howard takes you to church; it is a small church with bad lighting, blown speakers, and terrible acoustics, but it is church.