Shaman’s Harvest – Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns

Have you ever been to a minor league baseball game?  Those teams are filled with guys who all have the dream of being a big star in the big leagues.  They want people to chant their name, buy their jerseys, and cheer even when they strike out.  Even though most of those guys will never make it out of the small parks, they play their hearts out each and every game.

Shaman’s Harvest is a minor league band.  Give me a chance to explain before you call me an asshole.

Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns is a solid rock album through and through.  You can put this album on the turntable and enjoy each and every track.  Grab a beer, grab your girl, and kick back to this record.

I call them a minor league band because, even though I wish I was wrong, they’re not going to be superstars.  Shaman’s Harvest is not the second coming of the Beatles or Aerosmith or U2 or any other major band you can think of; they are a just a solid working band.  Just like a minor league player that will never make it to the bigs, Shaman’s Harvest puts their heart and soul into every play……err, song.

Honestly, I prefer it this way.  The music on albums like this are the bread and butter for rock radio stations all across the country.  And bands like this are ones that you can see in smaller venues for just a few dollars.

I suppose that it sounds like a bunch of back-handed compliments, but it is the best way I can describe Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns.  If you want to see good solid professional baseball from guys you may never hear from again, go to a minor league game.  If you want to hear good solid rock n roll from guys you may never hear from again, pick up this album.

Here’s to hoping that I’m wrong and these guys become huge stars and that Rock n Roll like this makes a huge resurgence, but I’m afraid that won’t happen.

My favorite track: Country As Fuck

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