The Heavy North – Dive Bar Blues

This band sent me a tweet and asked me to buy their record…so I did.

Full disclosure: If you follow me on Twitter I have an automatic reply that will send a tweet thanking you for the follow. Well, The Heavy North responded to my automatic reply thing.

They were so nice about it, I had to order their EP. And holy shit I am glad that I did.

This record is incredible.

I deliberately went into this album blind. I like putting a record on my turntable and experiencing the music for the very first time. As soon as the music started, I got excited. I started thinking of all of the people in my life that I want to tell about this band.

Dive Bar Blues is such an apt name for this little EP. It most certainly is the type of blues you would hear in a dark and dank little dive bar. Part of this album is party blues-rock. It has some fuzz and flares of raw, gritty garage rock.

But then, Dive Bar Blues hits you with soul. This album hits you with far more soul than it has any business having. Heart-wrenching soul. Gut-punching soul. Pour-your-feelings-out-on-the-ground-just-to-have-someone-stomp-on-them soul.

The vocals on this record are interesting. He sings in the same range as Gregg Allman. Or Tom Petty. Or the guy from St. Paul and the Broken Bones.

Sometimes this album reminds me of Chris Stapleton with his southern rock band, The Jompson Brothers.

Musically, it absolutely jams. There is a lot of talent in The Heavy North.

I am thoroughly impressed by Dive Bar Blues.

My favorite track: As Long As You’re Here With Me

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