Year of October – Wastelands

There are a million ways to discover new music. Sometimes it’s your friend who introduces you to a new band, it’s a recommendation on Spotify, new music on the radio, or it is a band you have never heard of that likes one of your random record posts on Instagram that makes you click their profile and find their Bandcamp page that has vinyl for sale and you immediately order the latest record because you feel if they’re going to support you, you should support them. We’ve all been there, right??

My Instagram doesn’t have a ton of followers, so I notice most of the likes my posts get. When Year of October liked one of my random hey-this-is-the-record-I-am-listening-to-right-now posts, I wanted to check them out.

I am glad I did because this album is a great find.

Simply put, Wastelands is female-led fuzzy blues doom metal.

Let me explain. Much of this record is full of heavy and sludgy doom-metal riffs with one big change: the riffs are not played in minor keys. So you get those powerful and driving grooves but they’re much more up and happy feeling. Parts of this album are like Sabbath on Prozac.

Those inverted doom-y riffs are then sent through the fuzzy garage treatment you’ll find on early Black Keys and White Stripes records. It’s delightfully distorted like another of my favorites: Brother O’Brother.

The vocals are interesting. First, I adore female-led rock bands and this is no exception. Phlecia Sullivan’s vocals are sultry, bluesy, and full-bodied. Her voice is part Amy Winehouse, part Grace Slick, and part Elle King. The overall sound is similar to The Dead Weather without being a copy.

Wastelands is unique and fun. I am glad they liked my Instagram post because I am happy to know their name.

My favorite track: Buried Redux


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