Sleep – Live At Third Man Records

Has anyone ever called you a music expert? I have had people say that about me and I don’t like it. I am certainly not an expert and the more I learn and discover in the world of music, the more I realize just how little I know.

I had never heard of Sleep until The Sciences was released last year to rave reviews. Because of all of the hype I was excited to learn that the band’s live set at Third Man would be made into a Third Man Records Vault package.

Imagine if Dave Matthews suddenly got way into Black Sabbath; he would get rid of the horns, Boyd Tinsley on the violin, and his all-around jovial attitude. We would see Dave start wearing black t-shirts, tuning his guitar way down, and praising Mephistopheles all while smoking the same amounts of marijuana and still playing long, spur of the moment, jams. That is what Sleep sounds like to me.

Live at Third Man Records is not full of sing-along lyrics; it does not make you want to drive fast down a back road; it does not fill you with the need to jump around your living room. This album is a slow and heavy jam session. Live at Third Man Records is about a feeling and an atmosphere and would make a great soundtrack to your drug induced out of body experience.

The music is dark, intense, and sometimes it is kind of scary. There is a heaviness in the air while listening to this album and it gets into you and makes you sway and bob your head in a slow and rhythmic fashion. Listening to this is mesmerizing.

Live at Third Man Records fully and completely encapsulates the doom-y stoner jam metal sound in a stunningly beautiful package.

I am guessing there are fans who will call me ignorant and a plebian because I have only now discovered Sleep, but I don’t care about their opinions. I am excited to have learned something new and to have an incredible record in my collection.

If you see this at your local record store or for sale on Reddit or Discogs, jump on it.

My favorite track: Aquarian

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