Sammy Brue – I Am Nice

One of my favorite things in the world is to blindly buy records. I love the sense of wonder and the touch of excitement as I open the album and put it on the turntable. Then, there is that feeling I get when I hear the music for the first time and let it wash over me. I do my best not to immediately judge the music, but instead, I just want to listen and enjoy.

This record is one of those records I bought blindly. Well, I bought this record semi-blindly. It is from New West Records and I seem to enjoy almost everything that label puts out.

I Am Nice is solid Americana. It lives inside the part of a Venn diagram where indie singer-songwriter music, country music, and Bob Dylan impressions overlap. None of these things are necessarily bad by any means.  It makes for a great sound that I really enjoy.

This album is 50s retro, but not really; it is country, but not really; it is indie pop, but not really.

The sound of Sammy’s vocals shifts on the spectrum from Bob Dylan to Neil Young or Lukas Nelson to Frank Black. There is a nice twang to Sammy’s voice that is not necessarily unique or amazing, but it is delightful. Lyrically, I Am Nice is good and it shines in spots, but it will not go down as a must-have album.  This record could easily be lost in the crowded world of Americana records.

This album would make a great soundtrack to a low-budget hipster film about a barista who is trying to find himself after escaping his small-town life.

A quick Google tells me that Sammy Brue made this record when he was only 16, so maybe I’m an asshole.

My favorite track: Was I The Only One


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