Rob Alderman and the Unfortunate Return – Indiana

Music is a neverending rabbit hole of discovery and I love it so much. I love finding and discovering new artists and artists that are just new to me. And, recently, I’ve taken to backing vinyl projects (from artists I’ve never heard of) on Kickstarter.

Indiana is a record that caught my eye on Kickstarter. There are two reasons I decided to back it: First, the description called it “Sweet Sweet Americana.” Second, the band is from an area of the world I’m very familiar with, Cleveland, TN.

I like the sound of this record a lot. It is country-ish. And I suppose that is what Americana music is….country-ish.

Part of this record is very singer-songwriter. It is laid back and full of emotion. There is some heavy sadness on Indiana and Lord knows I freaking eat that up. But it is not completely sad. Part of Indiana is upbeat and happy and fun to sing along with.

There are surprises such as beautiful strings and kazoos. Yes, kazoos.

An undercurrent on this record is very much a 90s feel. There was a portion of mainstream 90s alternative that had a bit of country in it. Bands such as Son Volt, Drivin N Cryin, Harvey Danger, Toadies, and Cracker; Indiana would fit right in with them.

It is fun because it is tough to nail down. It’s sad, it’s fun, it’s a little country, it’s a little alternative, it’s absolutely great. This is the guy you hear singing on a small stage in a nowhere town and think to yourself “holy shit, he’s good.”

My favorite track: Time

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  1. Enjoyed that, growing and living in London we did not hear a lot of Americana, but there something about it as I have got older that I really like. Added to my Bandcamp wishlist.


    1. I grew up in the southern US, but I am similar to you in that as I get older I find myself being drawn more and more to the Americana sound.

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