Zoo – Čas Sluhů

A great Czechoslovakian companion to a Highlander rip off

The Rolling Stones – Emotional Rescue

This is a solid blues-based rock n roll album that has flares of funky disco, big band rock with horns and pianos, punk rock lite, and stripped down coffee house music.

Howlin’ Wolf

Howlin’ Wolf’s vocal work has that I-have-seen-some-shit-that-you-would-not-believe-type of feel to it.  He is the kind of guy that you do not want to mess with, but want to hang around so you can hear his stories.

Willie and the Poor Boys

Willie and the Poor Boys jams when it comes to rocking out on a piano and can hold its own against any similar record.

Mudcrutch – Mudcrutch 2

This is a solid record that satisfies an itch for new music that sounds like old music.  Also, I imagine that this album sounds better with a little marijuana.

The Doors – L.A. Woman

There is not a lot of overproduction on this album.  It sounds unrefined and gritty, but also clean at the same time.

Rival Sons – Hollow Bones

It sounds the way it should.  It is heavy where it needs to be and filled with catchy tunes that will make you nod your head in time