Spiritbox – Eternal Blue

Never ever ever miss the opening band. Just don’t do it.

Get to the venue early. Go to the bathroom, get your drinks, find your seat, and be ready for the beginning of the show. 7 out of 10 times you won’t regret it.

When the Ghost/Mastodon tour rolled through Atlanta I knew I’d need to get to the venue early. Not only because of the horrible line outside but because a good friend of mine had tipped me off to the awesomeness that is Spiritbox.

They did not disappoint. Picking up some vinyl from the merch booth was a must.

I know what you’re thinking “Oooh, a female-led rock band with a wide vocal range…..don’t we already have Evanescence?”

And yeah, some parallels can be drawn between Spiritbox and Amy Lee, but this album is not a direct copy of Evanescence. Instead, this sound is more Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, or Arch Enemy.

This record is nice and heavy throughout with its lighter sections still carrying a healthy dose of metal.

Courtney LaPlante’s vocals are impressive and she is the star of this show. Courtney effortlessly floats from graceful singing to screaming to deep growls and everything in between. Those shifts in vocal sounds coincide with the shifts in the music on this record. Parts of Eternal Blue are very industrial with electronic elements, other parts are straightforward heavy metal, and some songs even drift into what could be described as doom-y alternative rock.

Eternal Blue is solid.

This is not groundbreaking stuff, but that should not be taken as a diss on this album. This is good, heavy music from start to finish. And, honestly, the world needs more of that.

My favorite track: Silk in the Strings


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