Old Crow Medicine Show – Paint This Town

A few years ago I was convinced that Old Crow was country music for hipster assholes who think they’re better than you. I based this opinion strictly on the few fans I knew personally. And then, I saw them live.

I bought the tickets specifically to see Shovels & Rope (they were the opener) and I figured I’d watch a few songs from Old Crow and then beat the traffic. I stayed for the whole show. I was enamored.

That was 2014 and I’m sorry that I ever doubted Old Crow.

Paint This Town is simple; this is a bluegrass record. But, that’s just the 30,000-foot look at it and doesn’t cover the full spectrum of this album.

First off, this album is fantastically polished. My immediate impression was “this must be what it was like when Dylan went electric.”

The basis of this record is bluegrass, but it branches into the realms of 70s country, Texas singer-songwriter music, and indie folk-rock. There are even some instances of fuzz. Paint This Town covers all of these different sides of a similar sound with the incredible energy of Old Crow’s live show.

This is bluegrass rock n roll. It jams.

Paint This Town utilizes the entire band with mixed harmonies and features different members singing lead vocals. And, again, I can’t stress enough how polished this album is.

It’s almost too polished. I wish there was a touch more grit or rawness or something. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s almost like this album sounds too perfect.

I know, that’s petty, nit-picky, and not very clear.

The record ends with what sounds very much like a back porch recording of some friends pickin’ and grinnin’. I wish that sound was more prevalent on this album.

My favorite track: Lord Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise

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