Moon Hooch – Live in Nashville

Do you ever get the overwhelming feeling to throw a private personal dance party in your living room? Well, have I got a record for you!

Imagine for a moment a 40-year-old fat white guy dancing alone in his living room. He’s shaking his butt, pointing as God knows what, and has his hands in the air and he’s waving them like he only cares a little bit. Sexy, right? That’s me listening to this album.

This record jams. It wholly and completely jams. It honestly amazes me how danceable Live in Nashville really is. A couple of guys with saxophones teamed with a drummer shouldn’t rock this damn hard, but holy shit is works so well.

Moon Hooch uses synthesizers to add depth. The horns move in and out of phase and bass beats are added to make outer space dance tunes. This album sometimes floats into the edges of EDM or techno or dubstep.

Live in Nashville beautifully captures this combination of funk jazz and interstellar space dance music worthy of a Ziggy Stardust guest spot.

All of this fun funkiness is achieved with very few vocals. And nothing seems to be missing at all. This album flows freely and never stops. It really is a lot of fun to listen to.

Now, I have lots of respect for jazz musicians, but I typically don’t like much when it comes to free jazz. It reminds me of that quote from Angela on The Office:

Jazz is stupid. I mean, just play the right notes!

However, Moon Hooch makes me want to rethink my opinion…..

Live in Nashville is different from the majority of my vinyl collection and that is just fine with me.

My favorite track: Alien Invasion

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