Anderson East – Maybe We Never Die

How many times do you put on a record expecting one thing and end up getting something completely different?

I have written about Anderson East in the past. I’m a fan. I know that his records are sexy, sultry, soulful blues. But, I wasn’t ready for the evolution of his sound that is on this album. And I definitely wasn’t ready to cry like I did the very first time I heard it.

Firstly, a staggering amount of soul pours out of this man. Seriously. Anderson East sings soul music with the maturity of someone twice his age. His voice perfectly captures passion and pain alike.

Maybe We Never Die is based in Anderson East’s signature soulful singer-songwriter style, but there is much much more. There are more than a few nods to Motown on this record. It is jazzy, funky, and catchy as hell.

There are flares of disco. But not just any disco, instead it is that early 80s Michael Jackson style disco. In fact, there are some heavy 80s influences like synthesizer keys and electric drum beats.

Maybe We Never Die starts fun and lighthearted. It’s sexy. It’s groovy. And then it’s not. This record takes a turn and gets sad. Don’t get me wrong….I absolutely adore sad songs.

But, holy shit. This record gets sad. I cried the first time I listened to it.

I Hate You, Like Nothing Ever Happened, If You Really Love Me. Just, damn. That trio killed me. But I am a glutton for punishment.

My favorite track: If You Really Love Me

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  1. Oh, nice voice thanks for the heads up.


    1. He’s great. I saw Anderson East a few years in Mobile, Alabama and he killed it live. His opening band that night? Black Pumas.

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