Cody Jinks – Red Rocks Live

I love live shows. I love feeling the energy that emanates from the stage.

It is difficult for a live album to properly capture that energy, but many have tried. I do find that the venue definitely helps add to the atmosphere and few venues on the planet are as special as Red Rocks.

Cody Jinks’ brand of country music is unwavering.

This is Texas country. Outlaw country. Blue-collar working man’s country.

It’s country music that sounds so much like stereotypical Texas barroom outlaw country music that it could have been ordered from central casting. It could have been manufactured by a major movie studio to be the perfect soundtrack to the climax of their working class hero’s big screen debut.

There is a simplicity in it. Excellent lyrics and two-stepping tempos.

This record captures the overly-country country musicness of Cody Jinks’ sound.

Red Rocks Live never really rocks out and jams. It just does its thing. It is a live country music show. It is solid.

There are a few moments on this album where you can hear the excitement of playing at a legendary venue. But those moments are few and far between.

Red Rocks Live is a triple vinyl disc collection of some incredible modern country music that sounds like old country music.

Grab a beer and enjoy this album.

Even though the cover of Alan Jackson’s Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow is fun, and the extended version of Loud and Heavy is pretty great, my favorite track on this record is my favorite Cody Jinks song: No Words

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