Body Count – Carnivore

Does your workout playlist and your I’m-angry-leave-me-alone playlist seem to overlap?

Mine too. And here’s another record to add to those lists.

This is a record that evokes emotion and action. Listening to this record will make you feel like you could run through a brick wall and fight the power.

Carnivore is powerful thrash metal. It is forceful and driving. There are low-end guitars and speedy double bass drums coupled with good screams and Ice-T’s tenacious rap stylings.

When the record slows down, it does so in a way that keeps all of the drive and power and finds a way to be even heavier when the music is slower.

Carnivore is brutal hype music.

And it is not just because it is heavy music that pumps you up. This album challenges you to cause change.

It is woke.

It is socially conscious.

It is unapologetic.

Ice-T can make me feel like I need to get out there and change the world and then teach me new inventive ways to tell people to fuck off.

I can say one negative thing. Carnivore features some fantastic guest vocalists and Amy Lee. I don’t like Amy Lee at all. Not one bit.

My favorite track: Bum-Rush

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