Black Pistol Fire – Look Alive

I like when bands evolve. I enjoy when artists take risks and branch out from their norm.

Well, I thought that I did.

I was not expecting this record to be an evolution of sound and I am torn. Can I look at this record as an independent work or art or am I going to be a music snob and proclaim “their early stuff is better”?

Black Pistol Fire’s previous albums have been raw, gritty, bluesy garage rock mixed with a punk attitude. This record is not that. Well, that is not exactly true…

Look Alive is the evolution of garage rock. This album’s base is the raw, gritty, bluesy garage rock sound, but it has been polished. The rough edges are gone and they have been filled out with dance grooves and synth-pop beats.

If you have heard the evolution of Royal Blood, you know what I’m talking about.

Portions of Look Alive have a Daft Punk feel. It grooves and bounces like a neighborhood garage rock dance party.

Other parts of this record remind me very much of Highly Suspect’s first record.

The more I listen to this album the more I visualize the word California. There is an overwhelming sense of being cool and hip. I don’t know of it is the synth-popness, the polished dance beats, or the swimmy reverb effects. But, I definitely feel cooler by listening to this record.

I’m going to say it…I do prefer Black Pistol Fire’s earlier albums. However, I like this sound a lot.

My favorite track: Pick Your Poison

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