Kings Of Spade

I remember seeing some advice on Reddit a while back that basically said “if you’re looking for new music, look for albums that are produced by the person who has produced some of your favorites already.”

I have never put this advice to use until this past Saturday. I was killing time at Depot Records while my girlfriend and niece were at the salon. I didn’t have too much time, but this record jumped out at me. I noticed Dave Cobb’s name on the back and, because I adore almost every single thing he touches, I snatched it up.

Holy shit. That advice is gold. I love this damn record.

Kings of Spade is mostly a heavy, female-led blues-rock album. The sound is gritty, dirty, raw rock n roll. This record, for the most part, fits in with a lot of 70s rock. The Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin influence is strong. However, there are other influences sprinkled throughout.

Kings of Spade features some surf rock style guitars, touches of 80s hair metal anthems, and a healthy dose of funk. The funk found on this album is very much Rage Against the Machine’s kind of funkiness.

Parts of this album sound a little like The Killers with distorted vocals. At times Kings of Spade slows down to soulful, sexy, sultry blues. And it does it so very well.

This record is so fun. It will absolutely become one of my favorites.

My favorite track: Mess of Me

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