C.W. McCall – Black Bear Road

Do you dig through the dollar bins? Do you peruse thrift store racks?

You should. You really should.

Will you find mint pressings of Dark Side of the Moon or Let It Be for cheap? Probably not.

Will you find neglected gems like this? Absolutely.

I found this record for two bucks at a local thrift store and I couldn’t get it home fast enough.

Yes, this is the album with Convoy. And it is full of even more awesomeness.

What does it sound like? This record is trucker country rap. This is a rap album. And you’ll never convince me otherwise.

A full 75% of this record is rhythmic spoken-word songs filled with trucker slang. C.W. McCall has flow. On occasion, his flow is pretty high speed.

The other 25% of Black Bear Road is pretty weak outlaw country. He does not sing well. C.W. McCall’s singing voice is basically a bad Johnny Cash impression.

And the lyrics are ridiculously over-the-top trucking references and get very close to being parody.

It’s a long-haulin’ road

And the load of life is heavy

But me an’ this good ol’ truck

We gonna take it

This album is a fun snapshot of a time when the world was obsessed with truckers and CB radios.

For two measly dollars, you can impress your friends by owning a trucking rap record.

My favorite track: Green River

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