Margo Price – Perfectly Imperfect At The Ryman

My records are my friends. More specifically, I feel like the artists on my records are my friends.

I read about the artists I like, I buy their new releases, and I honestly get excited when I hear them having a good time on their live recordings.

Simply put, this is what country music is supposed to sound like. Pain, struggle, and fun-loving lightheartedness are mixed flawlessly. Add a dash of Dolly and Loretta’s feminism and you’ve got an incredible record.

This is toe-tapping country music. This is bleeding heart folk music. This is timeless and soulful Americana.

This record is a snapshot of Margo Price having a fantastic time on stage with her buddies. It doesn’t hurt that her buddies include Emmylou Harris, Sturgill Simpson, and Jack White…

The excitement and respect she has for playing at The Ryman is palpable. The enthusiasm is contagious. Perfectly Imperfect at The Ryman speaks to me, on one level, because I love that venue so very much.

Add this album to your repertoire of records to play for your friends who say “modern country music sucks.”

My favorite track: Ain’t Living Long Like This

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