Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

There are three parts to any record collection.

  1. Essentials: These are the records that most collectors agree you should own on vinyl (The Beatles, Kind of Blue, Zeppelin, etc.)
  2. Favorites: These are your personal favorite albums new and old.
  3. Randoms: These are the fun ones. These are the records with stories and long-winded explanations. They’re the ones that the majority of people won’t recognize.

The randoms portion is my favorite part of any collection I come across. This is the part of your collection that can elevate the eventual estate sale of all of your personal belongings into legendary status.

That is my goal in life. When I die, I want record collectors to speak with holy reverence about the estate sale where my collection was sold.

Meet my new random vinyl purchase: Toyko Ska Paradise Orchestra. This band has been around for a long time. They are well-established and well-known around the world, but I have never seen one of their albums for sale in any record store during my travels.

So, when I saw it for sale on Discogs I snatched it up. I’m glad I did.

This record is pure fun. I’d be lying to you if I told you that I was not dancing around my living room like an idiot while listening to this album.

Toyko Ska Paradise Orchestra is a lot of fast and upbeat funky jazz. It makes you want to move. This record lives much more on the jazz side of ska reggae. It has tons of funk and soul and sounds like it should be played in underground prohibition juke joints.

However, it definitely carries a vein of island-inspired reggae, too.

Toyko Ska Paradise Orchestra ends with a Christmas song. Because, why not? I suppose it is because it was released on Christmas Day in 1988.

This is a short EP that leaves you wanting more and more. I hope to find more of their records when I travel to Japan (hopefully) in September.

My favorite track: Just a Little Bit of Your Soul

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