Black Stone Cherry – The Human Condition

Don’t you hate it when your favorite restaurant changes its recipes?

I don’t go to my most cherished Chinese place because I want to experience their experiments and innovations, I go there because their soup dumplings are ridiculously delicious and I know exactly what I’m getting every time I’m there. I don’t want them to change the recipe, I don’t need them branching out, I just want them to keep making those yummy damn dumplings filled with that savory soup that makes me so happy.

Black Stone Cherry is exactly like my favorite Chinese place; I just want them to keep doing what they’re doing because they are so damn good at it.

Here is a musical truth: AC/DC is a one-trick pony. And they do that trick better than anyone else. I don’t need them to innovate, I need them to be AC/DC.

That’s the same feeling I have with Black Stone Cherry.

I like this band a lot and I have written about them multiple times. I probably could have written a review for The Human Condition without ever hearing it. Side note: I am afraid that everything I have said so far is going to be perceived as negative and I don’t want that.

Consistency is a good thing. I know exactly what to expect when I listen to a Black Stone Cherry record and that is comforting.

What does it sound like? Modern southern rock. This is the hard rock side of country-blues music.

The Human Condition is full of fun and upbeat kick-ass country-rock tunes. It jams pretty hard with low-end guitar riffs and lots of sing-along-ability. It also slows down appropriately so that the album as a whole has a nice flow.

Lyrically, this record is socially conscious. It is not in your face about it, but it does not shy away from what is happening in the world around us.

Just like every single other Black Stone Cherry album, this record is the type of music that makes you want to drive the backroads with the windows down and the music up.

My favorite track: Some Stories

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