Rachel Brooke – The Loneliness In Me

Have you ever bought a record simply because it looks pretty?

This is a first for me. After seeing an Instagram post from Third Man Pressing of this record, I immediately and blindly ordered it.

Seriously, can you blame me?

The Loneliness In Me is a time-traveling album that takes you back to a simpler and more pure moment in country music history. This album drips with the soul of a bygone era. I get hardcore Patsy Cline vibes from this album and that should be taken as the highest of praise.

This country music on this album is very twangy and a little surfy. There is a dreaminess that causes the sound to drift up and float across the room, sweetly caress your face, and whisper heartbreak and sorrow in your ear.

The Loneliness In Me is like the soundtrack to a classic Grand Ole Opry dream sequence.

I absolutely adore sad songs and this record has plenty to go around. These are woeful southern gothic stories meant to be heard while half-drunk in a smokey barroom where no one can see your tears welling up.

Even the two-stepping songs on this album are sad as all get out.

This album will fit right in with your collection of classic country.

Play it late on a Friday night while having some drinks and contemplating all the ways you wronged your ex. It will be therapeutic, trust me.

My favorite track: Ghost of You

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