Johnny Cash – A Night To Remember

Do you subscribe to any vinyl subscription services?

I have been a part of the Third Man Records Vault and it has been a solid subscription service over the years. I have rarely been disappointed by their offerings.

This record is another incredible offering.

A Night To Remember is a live concert from 1973 and it is a fantastic time for Johnny Cash. This is the Man in Black in his prime. This is obviously post-Sun Records era, but it is also post-Folsom Prison, post-Johnny Cash show, and he is solidly a lovable outlaw. He is absolutely on fire and it comes easy for him.

He starts the show with Big River, Sunday Morning Coming Down, and The City of New Orleans. The record goes to show that a Johnny Cash concert set was an automatic hit-fest.

Boy Named Sue, I Walk The Line, Jackson, and the other songs you would want him to sing in 1973 make appearances on this album.

Mr. Cash sounds incredible and in command, but he mentions that his throat is dry from spending a stint playing in Vegas. I swear that I can’t hear any issue with his sound at all.

As you expect, June Carter joins him onstage, but what you probably don’t expect is the appearance of Carl Perkins and Larry Gatlin as well.

This record is a wonderful snapshot in the middle of an amazing career. I am so happy that the people at Third Man we’re able to share it with us.

My favorite track: The City of New Orleans

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