Twin Temple – Satan’s A Woman/I Am A Witch

Do you have records in your collection that are just there for the heck of it? Maybe they have ridiculous cover art, or they are inside jokes, or they are simply there to placate someone else in your household.

Pieces of my collection are like that. And some are records I bought because I thought ”Why not?”

Did I need a 45rpm of Satanic doo-wop music that is signed by the band? Apparently, the answer was yes.

This little 45rpm is hilariously over the top evil music. For real, it is Satanic doo-wop. And it is catchy as hell, too.

Twin Temple has masterfully recreated the sound of the music that poured out of jukeboxes in the corner malt shops of the late-50s and early 60s.

The vocal work from Alexandria James is amazing. She sings with a low and soulful voice similar to that of Amy Winehouse. Her wonderful voice is backed by a 50s style harmony group that completes the sound.

And the lyrics are excessively Satanic.

The juxtaposition of lyrics praising the Beast with Many Names with upbeat and wholesome music strikes me as so incredibly funny.

Imagine sharing a milkshake with your high school sweetheart in her poodle skirt and bobby socks while bouncing in your malt shop booth to the music and singing along…

Pleased to meet you, Satan’s my name

I can make you sin, I can make you feel pain

I can twist, I can make you seduce me

Wanna do the Watusi?

You can call me Luci

I don’t know when I will spin this record. But, I like the fact that I own it.

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