Tennessee Jet – The Country

Tell me about a relatively unknown artist you love. Seriously.

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I freaking love Tennessee Jet. I think that he is incredible. I think he embodies what country music should be. And I think he deserves to be much more well-known than he already is.

So, yeah, this review will be a little slanted.

This record is exactly what country music should sound like. It is everything that the majority of mainstream modern country music is missing.

The Country has a simplicity to it that embodies the essence of classic country without sounding like a poor facsimile. This record features two-stepping music, stripped-down country crooning, and plenty of pickin’ and grinnin’.

At one point The Country floats slightly into Piano Man territory. It is subtle and executed very well. Also, Tennessee Jet does not pass up the chance to rock out just a bit and he does it very, very well.

Few sounds are so soothingly heart-wrenching as a crying steel guitar paired with lyrics full of sadness and grief and pain and lost love. Songs on this album make my soul hurt. Music is supposed to elicit emotion and The Country certainly does that. This record brought me to the edge of tears more than once. But, it is not all sad. In fact, the surprising cover of She Talks to Angels just might have had me cheering in my listening room…

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the amazing cover of Pancho & Lefty that features Cody Jinks, Elizabeth Cook, Paul Cauthen, Mickey Raphael (Willie Nelson’s longtime harmonica player), and Brian Newman (Lady Gaga’s trumpeter).

Add this record to the growing list of albums to play for your friends that believe all modern country music sounds like the terrible pop bro-country music crap that they play on the radio.

My favorite track is the title track: The Country


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