Lucky Chops – Walter E.P.

Record collecting is an addiction.

And just like any addiction, you will encounter people who want to push you deeper into your addiction. It can be hard to separate yourself from these people because they may be family or friends.

Yes, you may have friends that, innocently or sometimes with gleeful malice, will push you to financial ruin in your pursuit of building an amazing record collection.

Ok. That’s a little extreme. But, my friends need to slow down on introducing me to amazing music (such as this band) because I’m running out of shelf space.


This little EP jams!

Walter E.P. is a six-song 45rpm record full of post-modern party jazz music. The A-side absolutely slaps. It is fast and punchy dance music. There is an incredible funkiness that you can feel in your bones and makes it impossible to stand still.

A jazzy and funkadelic cover of Helter Skelter? Yes, please.

I swear that’s not me dancing like an idiot in my living room. I don’t know what you’re talking about…

The B-side of Walter E.P. has an ethereal sense lurking in the background. The music somehow has a slow and funky face while having a big soundscape style to it as well. The B-side flows up and down by having a nice funky break down in the middle.

This record sounds so big and full despite consisting only of horns. I am amazed at how amazing this sounds.

My favorite track: Walter Jam

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