Mike and the Moonpies – Cheap Silver and Solid Country Gold

Music discovery pro-tip: sign up for Spotify and let the algorithm suggest new music for you. This is not a paid endorsement, this is just one music lover to another.

I don’t know what kind of magic they’re using at Spotify, but somehow they are in my head and are suggesting music that I am absolutely falling in love with. After a few songs from this record were suggested, I had to track it down and order it.

My very first job in radio was pushing buttons at my local station for the nationally syndicated show Country Gold Saturday Night. It was the late 70s and 80s country music that I grew up with and I loved that job. This album would fit right in with the music on that show.

Cheap Silver and Solid Country Gold is my favorite type of country music album. This is Texas barroom music. This is two-stepping country music. This is George Strait-style country music with clever wordplay and crying steel guitars.

This album is clean, polished, and smooth. Every bit of the instrumentation and vocal work is rounded and the absolute opposite of raw. Sometimes overly polished records sound fake or lack soul, but Cheap Silver and Solid Country Gold seems to really pop because of the cleanliness of the recording.

Notably, strings are used on this record a few times and it is stunning how well they compliment the sadness of the steel guitar and fill out the country sound.

I love that this album was recorded in studio 2 at Abbey Road. And I also love that Shooter Jennings and Nikki Lane both make an appearance on this record.

Play this record for anyone that says ”modern country music sucks.” The problem isn’t with modern country music, it’s with the country music that’s played on the radio.

My favorite track: If You Want A Fool Around

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