Norah Jones – Pick Me Up Off The Floor

Is there an artist that can make you feel better and feel worse at the same time?

I love Norah Jones. I love her voice, I love her style, I love that she’s got a great sense of humor and seems incredibly genuine. I listened to her first album just about every day while suffering through a deep depression and now I’m afraid I have a Pavlovian response to her voice; I enjoy it and it makes me feel sad at the same time.

Pick Me Up Off The Floor is full of the type of music you imagine being played in dark late-night jazz clubs of New York City. This record has a lot of stripped-down music with just a piano, an upright bass, simplistic drums, and ample amounts of soul. While that is the majority of the sound of Pick Me Up Off The Floor, there is more. This record also features some horns and organ work that somehow bolster the sadness in the air.

There is a bit of acoustic rock feeling on Pick Me Up Off The Floor thanks to the contributions from Jeff Tweedy of Wilco. His guitar adds a bit of bounciness to the music, but it continues to be melancholy.

The hurt and pain in Norah Jones’ voice cut through you without knocking you over. She sings with comforting ease. She easily draws you into her world of love, loss, hurt, and anguish and makes you beg for more.

Pick Me Up Off The Floor is perfect as background music for a classy dinner party. And it is also perfect for sitting yourself down with a stiff drink and having a good cry.

My favorite track: Heartbroken, Day After

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