Joshua Ray Walker – Glad You Made It

Is the music world getting bigger and more diverse or am I just more open to learning about new and relatively unknown artists as I get older? I tend to believe that it’s the latter and that the world of music has always been vast and full of rabbit holes of genres and artists to get lost in.

The world of Texas Country Music is one of my favorites to explore and led me to discovering the talent that is Joshua Ray Walker.

Glad You Made It is a Texas honky-tonk country record that dips its toes into different traditional country styles for a nice mix of sounds.

I feel like Texas big band is an apt description for a lot of this album. It is two-stepping barroom country music mixed with picking and grinning bluegrass, horns, a Hammond organ, and some southern rock roots. Specifically, the southern rock style found on Glad You Made It is very much in the vein of the Grateful Dead’s truck driving southern rock style.

This record is not just sad songs and honky-tonk tunes, but there are some serious lyrics tackling the objectifying of women, addiction relapses, and poor self-talk.

It’s no wonder that I’m drawn to this album…

My favorite track: User

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