Radkey – No Strange Cats

Never ever discount the opening act. Always get to the show in time to see every band on the bill because, if you’re late, you might miss someone amazing.

I saw Radkey open for Jack White in Toronto a couple of years ago and was blown away by this band. So, when I saw them on Kickstarter crowdfunding for a vinyl release of this record it was a no brainer for me.

No Strange Cats is a fun record with a timeless punk sound. The low driving basslines immediately bring Fugazi to the forefront of my mind while the baritone vocals are reminiscent of Glenn Danzig or Joey Ramone. The influence from punk greats is apparent on this album.

It floats from the edge of hardcore to sing-a-long pop-punk. Parts of No Strange Cats would fit nicely on Nirvana’s Bleach, others could be played back to back with The Ramones, and others sound as if they could be Weezer songs. Radkey finds a way to maneuver comfortably through these sounds without anything sounding out of place.

No Strange Cats is a happy and fun little record. It is an upbeat punk rock record that allows for some head-bobbing and sing-a-long-ability.

I’m glad that I saw them on Kickstarter and was able to get a copy.

My favorite track: Junes

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