American Aquarium – Lamentations

Have you found yourself to be more emotional as you have grown older?

I certainly have.

But, maybe it has nothing to do with age; maybe it is my experiences that have made me more emotional. Over the past few years, I’ve learned that I can’t have children, my marriage fell apart, and I lost persons who I called best friends. However, I have also learned lessons on true friendship, experienced a deeper meaning of love, and became a pseudo father figure to a couple of kids.

I also talk to a therapist. A lot.

These things have all made me more in tune with my emotions as they wash over me and that emotional understanding makes me absolutely adore records like this one.

Lamentations is not just an album of sad songs. Instead, it is an emotional road trip through the curvy backroads of a small town in the South. Personally, I’m picturing myself driving Reeceburg Road between Lindale and Cedartown, Georgia with the windows down, the sunroof back, and feeling the wind surround me as I allow myself to float between the ups and downs of this record.

The heartache on Lamentations is substantial, but it isn’t just about sadness. Instead, there are instances of bleakness and hopelessness that reach beyond just being a sad song. This record can be absolutely heart-wrenching with a sing-along-ability to it. This is real and true country music.

There is some punkness on Lamentations. This record has more than a little bit of a damn-the-man and damn-the-establishment attitude. And I swear that the song Brightleaf + Burley sounds like a Dropkick Murphys song; I just can’t put my finger on which one…

Simple, red-dirt country music seems like an easy thing, but it is so rare in the mainstream world. Thank God for bands like American Aquarium.

This album is real country with punk sensibilities. I’ve made the argument before that BJ Barham’s voice would fit nicely in a punk band.

My favorite track might be my new favorite sad song: The Day I Learned To Lie To You

Holy shit. It just hits me so hard.

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