Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – Reunions

In 2015 I found myself at Atlanta’s Parklife music festival. I remember buying tickets because of a discussion I had overheard at the radio station where I was working. That discussion was essentially this: A couple of the acts are on the verge of being a big deal.

The lineup? Strand of Oaks, Chris Stapleton, and Jason Isbell.

I became an instant fan.

This record is a beautiful piece of art. It is full of emotion and meaning and touches your soul if you let it.

Reunions is country music in the sense that it is packed with passionate stories and hopeful heartbreak delivered with a southern twang. But this is more of a rock record than a country album.

Reunions is folksy, homespun, mellow rock n roll. It features some haunting guitar work between plenty of blues licks. This record stays pretty downbeat for the most part, but it does pick up the tempo more than once. However, it never really rocks out.

Parts of this album will bring forth thoughts of John Denver or Paul Simon.

Listening to Reunions is like listening to lost works of William Faulkner set to music.

Jason Isbell is a master at making sadness attractive and has been known to make me cry on more than one occasion.

My favorite track: St. Peter’s Autograph

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