How many times do you take a chance on an unknown record? I contend that at least 10% of your record purchases should be a shot in the dark. One out of every ten records you buy should be something that you know nothing about.

You will find gems. I guarantee it.

I bought this record simply because Bloodshot Records sent me an email and asked me to buy it. In fairness, I suspect they sent that email to everyone on their email list.

Rookie doesn’t sound like it belongs in this timeline. Instead, this record belongs in the timeline where the 70s live forever and are nothing but fun rock n roll all the time. No wars, no gas shortages, no recession, no disco, just good times.

This record is something new that sounds like something old. The musical influences on this album are bountiful. For the most part, the sound on Rookie lives in the world of 1970s rock n roll. There is a lot of the pop-rock sound akin to America and Bread, arena rock sounds like Foreigner and Journey, and more than slight touches of blues and southern rock like Aerosmith and Marshall Tucker and Tom Petty.

Imagine taking all of those bands and putting them in a giant blender, adding a dash of 60s psychedelic for spice, and coming out with a smoothie of fun good-time 70s rock with no fuss; that’s Rookie.

This album could easily be the soundtrack to a teenage romantic comedy set in the late 70s. It is unobtrusive and pleasant to listen to.

Rookie does not have any standouts that blow me away, but it is a fun spin. I would totally seek them out at a music festival and I will definitely pull this record off the shelf on occasion.

My favorite track: I Can’t Have You But I Want You

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