Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Modern Ruin

How many times do you find yourself searching Discogs immediately after your friends mention bands and artists that you don’t know?

I do it all the time. I love expanding my knowledge of music and I love expanding my vinyl collection.

I ordered this record from a British record store on Discogs, got it delivered a couple of weeks later, and promptly forgot that I had put it on the shelf.

I’m an idiot sometimes…

Modern Ruin could be called pop-punk or pop-rock or power pop or whatever. It is good time rock n roll with heavy punk roots. It reminds me of a lot of Butch Walker’s music, but with less sadness and more darkness.

Some of this album makes me think of The Killers (without Mr.Brightside and Somebody Told Me). It is fun and high-quality filler music. It is the type of non-descript music you hear floating in the air at a music festival; it is really good and you like it, but it does not really stand out.

The core of Modern Ruin is punk rock with aggressive intensity, however, it rarely bubbles up to the top. The vocal work occasionally reaches out towards some heavy and throaty screaming, but it never quite hits that threshold. You can feel the music being held back. That keeps it in a realm of safety and accessibility and makes it fun rock n roll for cool moms.

Lyrically, it gets dark, but for the most part this record is lighthearted musically.

There is 90s Green Day style radio-friendly punkness and even some 80s synth-pop thrown in.

This is the type of record that you spin in the background while you’re trying to crush candies or break bricks or clash your clans on your phone.

My favorite track: Modern Ruin

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