Ween – 12 Golden Country Greats

Have you ever bought a record and we’re deep down concerned that it was a waste of money? Basically, you didn’t think you would really like it. That happened to me with this album.

My girlfriend’s son wanted to see Ween a while back, so we bought tickets and all went together. I only had a cursory knowledge of the band and the show was full of the types of fans I figured would be there: super-fans who know every lyric to every song and believe that Ween is the greatest thing ever. I guess their brand of weirdness just isn’t really my thing.

I picked this record up at the merch table and it has sat on my shelf unopened for more than a year. That was a mistake; I should have listened to this record sooner.

This record is fun. Mainly this album is tongue-in-cheek comedy country music that is very light-hearted and silly, but parts of it are actually really good country songs.

The version of country music on 12 Golden Country Greats is top-notch traditional country two-step and western swing music. There are Grammy award winners and members of the Country Music Hall of Fame playing on this record and the freaking Jordanaires, who sang backup for Elvis, make an appearance. Musically, this album stands up against just about any country album out there.

The comedy side of 12 Golden Country Greats is not terribly intrusive. It is subtle enough to where you can be enjoying the music and then think ”wait, what did he just say?”

This record could easily rotate in my selections of Americana and Outlaw Country albums. That might seem weird on the surface, but it is true.

My favorite track: Mister Richard Smoker

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