John Moreland – LP5

Ever find yourself saying an artist’s name over and over in conversation? It can feel like they are on your brain all the time.

That has happened to me lately with John Moreland. He is the answer to questions about upcoming concerts I am seeing and the latest albums I have bought and not-so-commonly-known artists that I think people should hear.

John Moreland is an incredible songwriter and lyricist. A lot of his songs are heart-wrenching, sad, heavy tunes that are perfect for a good cleansing cry alone in your chair. LP5 has some of those songs, but songs like that do not make up the entirety of the record.

Parts of this album are fun and upbeat country-funk songs. There is a legitimate and fuzzed-out funkiness on LP5 that sounds like it is straight out of the 70s with Moreland’s voice giving it a Texas twang and the organ giving it a Stax vibe.

This fuzzy country-funk is the same sound found on Sturgill Simpson and Shooter Jennings records.

But don’t worry there is a healthy dose of big man sadness on LP5. Heartbreaking country singer-songwriter grief is good for the soul.

This record is well rounded. Buy this album.

My favorite track: A Thought is Just A Passing Train

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