Have Gun, Will Travel – Strange Chemistry

How many records in your collection do you have to explain to your friends? They know what your Beatles, Bowie, and Zeppelin records sound like, but there are others that you have to describe as they look through your collection.

That’s Mongolian folk-metal

That’s Norah Jones’ country band

sad Texas country

fun broadway-style sing-along music

This record is the same; this needs a description: Death Cab for country fans.

Strange Chemistry puts the alternative in alt-country. There is a touch of the modern alternative vibe happening on this record that makes it a little difficult to classify. It has a Tame Impala feeling that floats around making the countryness less country. It is reminiscent of Death Cab except it is far less sad and suicidal thought inducing.

Vocally, this record sounds a lot like Tom Petty. It is not a Tom Petty impression, but definitely inspired by him.

Strange Chemistry dabbles in both funky soul and western two-step without ever fully committing to either sound. This album is hipster-country in the most loving sense of the term.

My favorite track: Justified

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