Puss N Boots – Sister

Which artists touch your soul? Who is it that immediately speaks to your heart as soon as you hear their music? There may be more than one artist on your list; there is on mine. But, Norah Jones might just be at the top of my list.


I was 21 years old in 2002. I was trying to get back into radio, driving a forklift in a freezer warehouse, and fighting depression every day. I had a 1GB Creative Nomad Jukebox with just a few albums worth of music on it that I kept in my pocket. One of the albums I had on that mp3 player was Norah Jones’ Come Away with Me and it kept me sane. Her sweet soothing voice and the delicate sadness on that album were comforting to me; I have loved her ever since.


Sister fits in the country music category, but just barely. This is not traditional country or outlaw country and it is definitely not modern country music. This record is more like indie singer-songwriter country music. Sister is the style of country music you would hear at open mic night in a dark candlelit coffee shop listening room. This album is complex in its simplicity.


Much of this record is filled with dreamy and floating electric guitar leads that sound as if someone is trying to play it as softly and quietly as possible. There is a surfy waviness that makes the guitars so enjoyable and unobtrusive. That surfy waviness causes part of Sister to have a slight late 50s vibe.


This guitar sound is coupled with a delicate country two-step drum beat that is sometimes being played with brushes that are usually prevalent in jazz music and it makes for a softness that is just incredible.

Norah Jones shares lead vocals with Sasha Dobson and Catherine Popper. All three of these ladies have amazingly smooth voices and are a joy to listen to. And their harmony is astounding.


As country as this record is, it also isn’t.


Sister is relaxing and timeless. This is an easy and fun listen.



My favorite track: You Don’t Know




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