Fvneral Fvkk – Carnal Confessions

Has a random person on the internet ever influenced you to spend money? Maybe you have read something here that has encouraged you to buy an album; I honestly hope that is the case for someone.

This post on Reddit of twenty-five great albums you may have missed in 2019 encouraged me to buy this very record. It also caused me to learn that Vereinigte Staaten means United States in German (the website I used to order this record was in German and Chrome did not want to translate it for me).

Fvneral Fvkk’s brand of metal on Carnal Confessions is slow-driving dark and doomy bassline matched with lightly screaming guitar riffs. There are traditional heavy metal solos sprinkled throughout this album that never steal the show, instead, they enhance the overall doomy vibes.

The heaviness of the music is palpable. The darkness hangs in the air and slowly flows over you like a thick fog enveloping your entire being. Vocally, Carnal Confessions is haunting and beautiful with almost chant-like verses and choral refrains.

It is dark. Seriously dark and evil and fantastic.

This record is the exact opposite of church worship songs. There are songs about altar boys being touched, a monk masturbating with a crucifix, nuns abusing orphans, and more.

Carnal Confessions is eerily evil, beautifully blasphemous, and impossible for me not to compare to early music from Ghost. In fact, it sounds like Fvneral Fvkk really loved the first two Ghost albums and decided to see if they could make an even eviler and more melodic doom metal anti-church record. They may have succeeded.

I find myself attracted to these types of albums for some reason. I think it comes from the Christian documentary against rock music I watched as a kid; it legitimately gave me nightmares.

My favorite track: The Hallowed Leech

Carnal Confessions comes with a lyric booklet so that you can fully enjoy your musical descent into Hell.

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