Johnny J & The Flat Foot Floogies – Live In The Blackhouse

As I get older I find that I am learning more and more about myself. For instance, I am discovering that I am a sucker for advertising tricks.

My email is littered with vinyl flash sales, hot deals, free shipping, and 30% off!; and I fall for these tricks all the time.

Have I ever heard of Johnny J & The Flat Foot Floogies? No. Not at all.

Do I want their 7” EP for a total of $6.49? Well, yeah. Why not??

This little EP is straight out of another time and it is fantastic. Live In The Blackhouse makes me think of a jumping little backroom bar with people dancing, waitresses weaving through the crowd, and lots of laughter and drinking.

Live In The Blackhouse is fun, swinging and jazzy, good-time rock n roll. This is retro jump blues with horns, slapping bass lines, and rockabilly guitar licks along with smooth 40s and 50s style pop. This record belongs in a jukebox.

There is a little bit of fuzziness and rawness in the live recording that allows Live In The Blackhouse to sound a lot older than it is. That touch of lo-fi production makes this EP feel like it is a phenomenally sounding surviving record rather than something just a few years old.

And I love that the members of this band are from a hardcore punk band. The admiration for rockabilly and retro styles of music in the punk community makes me smile.

My favorite track: My Tiger Cub

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