Ghost – BBC Radio Sessions

The worst sounding album I own is an absolutely terrible bootleg Ghost live album. It is fantastically bad.

So, of course, I bought another album from the same website. Because, honestly, I just love Ghost so much that I was willing to risk it.

The risk was worth it.

This record is exactly what it says that it is; BBC Radio Sessions is a collection of twelve live performances from Ghost at the BBC Radio studios.

The performances on this album are not simple and stripped-down acoustic versions, but rather these tracks carry the same punch, the same fullness, and the same energy as any Ghost live show. Ghost brought all of that intensity inside the BBC studios.

There is one glaring difference: the lack of crowd noise and applause.

BBC Radio Sessions is not going to be praised by audiophiles; it is a little muddy. However, it is not too bad. It definitely is good enough to crank up and enjoy.

Yes, it sounds like someone downloaded these tracks with an online YouTube-to-mp3 converter and then cut a vinyl record from those files. In fact, I would bet a paycheck that is exactly what happened, but I don’t care. I used to burn CDs from songs I downloaded on Napster and Limewire and I played the hell out of them.

And, if I had the ability to press my own vinyl I can’t promise that I would not do the same thing.

A couple of the songs on BBC Radio Sessions might be my most favorite versions I have heard. Specifically, Prime Mover and If You Have Ghosts.

My favorite track: Life Eternal

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