Death Hymn Number 9 – 3rd Degree Moon Burns

Have you ever forgot that you bought a record?

I know, I know, I know…

It’s a total first world problem, but I completely forgot that I bought this record when I was in Berlin last summer; I accidentally put it on the wrong shelf.

However, I am glad I found it.

3rd Degree Moon Burns is incredibly intense. This is a punk rock record at its core, but it is very unique in its mix of genres and sounds.

This album has a ton of speed and ferocity, yet there are hints of surf rock, with that signature springy reverb, in the guitars that give this album an almost playful 60s California pop air floating about in the background. Admittedly, it can be pretty far back there in the background at times.

A lot of that 60s surf rock playfulness is covered up by the overly distorted screaming vocals.

This is not a sing-a-long record by any means.

This record is very lo-fi, but not so much that it is a turn off.

The distortion and lo-fi recording on 3rd Degree Moon Burns gives a gritty garage rock edge to the punkness; some of the riffs are similar to early White Stripes.

I like this album.

It is gritty garage punk surf rock.

My favorite track: Honey Pie

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