Black Pumas – Colors/Eleanor Rigby

Do you fall victim to targeted advertising and emails? I do. I am a sucker.

Especially when the targeted email is letting me know about a limited edition 45 from a band I really enjoy.

Colemine Records let me know that they had copies of this awesome little 7 inch and I just could not turn it down. I absolutely had to own a cover of Eleanor Rigby from Black Pumas.

I have written about Black Pumas here and here; I am definitely a fan.

This record is more of the same. It is funky, bluesy, and soulful.

The version of Colors on this record, as expected, oozes soul. However, there’s a new confidence that is evident in this live recording. This is a band that has become solid and poised and those attributes are noticeable in the music.

The presence of Eleanor Rigby on this record is my sole reason for owning it.

It is incredible.

This is how The Beatles would have sounded if George Harrison had spent his free time in Memphis instead of India. Imagine if George had studied the Hammond organ with Booker T. instead of spending his time playing the sitar.

Black Pumas’ cover of Eleanor Rigby is funky with a capital F with a moving wah-wah groove that flows through you and R&B vocals full of emotion.

Find this 45 and buy it.

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