Goodbye June – Community Inn

What is the hottest non-sexual thing your girlfriend can say to you?

For me, it is this:

I found new music I think you’ll like

Oh. Hell. Yes.

I listened to a few songs online and immediately ordered the record.

This record is delightfully genre-bending.

Community Inn is, at its core, Southern rock, but not the way most people do it. A lot of Southern rock albums have a jam band feel to them and root themselves in the blues; think Black Stone Cherry and Allman Brothers. Community Inn does not have that bluesy basis but, instead, has an undercurrent of 80s hair metal and stadium rock.

Southern glam rock.

At first listen there seems to be an obvious Led Zeppelin inspiration in the vocals. However, it feels more like the inspiration is coming from Skid Row or Slaughter. You could tell me that this is a new record from Mr. Big or Warrant and I would probably believe it, at least for a minute.

Community Inn even features some strings like Guns N’ Roses à la November Rain.

And then, randomly, there’s a very Ed Sheeran sounding track. Seriously.

This record is unique and refreshing without being groundbreaking. It sounds familiar, yet new.

My favorite track: Lonely Beautiful People

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